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Kaleidoscope – Bad Credit Review

Kaleidoscope is a home shopping catalogue available both online and in print format. The catalogue caters to fashion-conscious buyers who care about attention to detail and keeping up with the latest trends. Kaleidoscope offers women’s clothing, partywear, accessories and footwear, along with furniture and household items. Delivery costs range from £3.95 for clothing and smaller home items to £25 for heavy furniture. For an extra £3.00, Kaleidoscope will deliver the order on the next business day.
Kaleidoscope Personal Accounts
Kaleidoscope offers personal credit accounts to shoppers who qualify. To qualify for an account, you must be at least 18 years old and Before granting you a personal account, Kaleidoscope may perform a credit search of you and people financially linked to you. Kaleidoscope has higher credit standards than some other online shopping catalogues, so it may be more difficult to obtain an account if you have poor credit. If Kaleidoscope declines your credit application, it may provide you with contact information for alternate sources of credit, including loans or credit cards.
If you’re approved for an account and are responsible enough to make the required minimum monthly payments and stay within your credit limit, a personal credit account with Kaleidoscope can be a convenient way to spread the cost of purchases over a period of time. You can pay your account in full or make monthly payments; if you pay more than the minimum monthly payment, you’ll pay off your balance more quickly. Kaleidoscope offers five methods for paying off your personal account. You may pay by credit or debit card, either online, over the phone, or by mail, using the instructions provided on Kaleidoscope’s website. Kaleidoscope also accepts payment by bank giro, cheque, Post Office/Transcash or direct debit from a bank account. The company does not accept cash sent by mail.
Interest Rate and Monthly Payments
Customers who are approved for credit accounts with Kaleidoscope can expect to pay an interest rate of 29.9% per annum on purchases. If you pay your full balance within 28 days of your purchase, however, the company will not charge you any interest. Kaleidoscope requires customers to make a minimum monthly payment of 5%, or at least £5. If you miss payments, the company charges an administrative fee to cover the costs of collections; continued failure to make payments may result in Kaleidoscope referring your account to a collections agency or seeing a County Court Judgment, or CCJ, against you.
Managing a Kaleidoscope Personal Account
Kaleidoscope personal credit accounts can be easily managed online, and the company will send you an email each month to notify you when your monthly statement is ready. Once you’ve held a personal account for a minimum of 9 months, you may be eligible for a shop now, pay later account, also known as a buy now, pay later account. This means that you make no payments for a specified period of time, up to 12 months, on purchases over £110, and pay no interest if the balance is paid in full by a specified date.