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Electronics on Credit

Buying pricey items like a new HD TV, laptop or tablet computer, or videogame system, can be difficult if not impossible for people with bad credit. Fortunately, the online catalogue websites of the latest cutting edge models of these and other types of electrical, at competitive prices, with payment plans that are accessible and manageable by people with bad credit.

Electronic Catalogues

Websites like the PC World, Littlewoods, Very, K & Co and even fashion websites like Isme, offer electrical including Brand Name TVs from makers like LG, JMB and Samsung, ipods, the latest mobiles, Sat Navs, Android tablet computers, laptop computers by well known makers such as Toshiba, and the newest technologies, such as 3D TVs. You are sure to find the latest electronic devices at rates competitive with what you will find on the internet available to customers with bad credit.
Bad credit does make a higher interest rate somewhat difficult to avoid, and you can expect APRs of around 39.7% variable on your credit accounts, although some catalogue houses offer APRs even lower, in the 29% to 33% range. However, applying for a personal account at these catalogue sites is easy, no credit card information is required, but you will have to pass a credit and affordability check. Once an account has been set up you will have the option to pay interest free within a set number of months, or to spread the cost over a larger number of months, and you only need to make an affordable minimum payment which is specified on your monthly statement.
With wide selections competitive prices, affordable payments, and extension of credit to customers without regard to credit score, catalogue shopping for electronics has never been easier.