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Catalogues for people with Bad Credit

Looking for a UK catalogue that offers credit for people with bad credit? Here we discuss what bad credit means and provide reviews on some UK catalogues which have become known for accepting customers with a low credit score.

In this day and age there are thousands of us who suffer from bad credit and the majority of us don't know why. This is because having bad credit doesn't necessarily mean you've done anything wrong. For example, someone who has never borrowed money before will have a bad credit rating. Catalogues are a great way to start earning yourself some credit. The majority of UK catalogues have much higher acceptance rates that say credit cards or banks. This makes them perfect for someone who is suffering from poor credit.

Bad credit catalogues are stores that offer credit to customers where another catalogue wouldn't. On this site we have used our knowledge of the UK catalogue companies to find the best one's that you should apply for when looking to buy on finance in 2012 or 2013. However, if you find yourself being refused from these stores then another option is to take a look at no credit check catalogues. These offer finance without doing a credit check although they do use your recent bank statements to determine if you can make repayments.

Credit Score?

A person's credit score is simply a number which quantitatively defines your history of borrowing money. A low credit score is achieved simply by not having lent any money before or by having not paid back what you own on time.

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UK Catalogues

Catalogues have been around for decades and have for a long time offered credit accounts to those customers who can't quite afford the whole payment yet. Here we have found only the best catalogues for getting accepted for finance with.

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Interest Charges

When it comes to buying on finance, there are a number of important questions you must ask yourself. For example, how much interest will I be charged. There are two ways you can go about buying on credit from catalogues.

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